A West Coast Center for Estill Voice Training

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Who Benefits From EVTS?

Beginning singers

who want a clear understanding of how the voice works and how they can control it.

Experienced singers 

who have noticed that they are not able to do what they used to be able to do,
who wonder why there are certain things they have never been able to sing..
who would like a professional edge by being able to sing more vocal styles

Voice Teachers

who would like more practical tools to help their students access vocal control 
who would like training tools that can help them accomplish this more quickly
who would like to teach a greater range of vocal styles.


who need more power, stamina, versatility and greater voice character choice.

Choir Directors

who would like methods to quickly effect the sound of their singers and gain better blend, dynamics  and variety of vocal color.

Speech Therapists

who would like innovative and effective tools for voice therapy
who need Continuing Education Units

Speakers of all kinds – teachers, ministers, business executives, parents, sales-people,  whose life or career calls for prolonged use of the voice

who need to maintain or restore vocal health. 
who would like to make a positive impression and to  facilitate listener rapport, and comprehension, by being in control of such vocal parameters as pitch, diction and voice quality.

All of the above candidates

who would like an economical method of effective voice training.

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