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Judith Dunlore has been involved with singing as a performer, teacher, director and arranger for over thirty years.  After receiving her Bachelor's degree at California State University, Long Beach, she pursued graduate studies at the International Opera Studio in Zurich, and the Academy of Performing Arts in Vienna, sponsored by a Rotary International Fellowship. She is now a Certified Master teacher and Course Instructor with Estill Voice International.


Ms. Dunlore's singing career includes being a member of the Repertory Company at Wolf Trap Farm Park, soloist with City of Angels Opera, Pacific Repertory Opera,  the Contemporary Music Ensemble of Las Vegas, Opera San Luis Obispo, and Canzona.   She has concertized and recorded with the Trio Musique Chamber Ensemble.


She was the Director of Sing, Sing, Sing, Inc. featuring the Lamplight Carolers and the Royal Renaissance Singers.  Ms. Dunlore has been the vocal director for many musicals, including “Sweeney Todd”, “Evita”, “Jekyl & Hyde” by Chameleon Productions, “Little Women” by Blue Room Productions, and “Les Miz” performed at the Clark Center of Performing Arts.
Maintaining a private studio for most of her career, she also taught at California State University, Long Beach;  the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and the Royal Academy of Music, London.  She has also been a vocal coach for the "All American College Singers" at Disneyland and Disney World.

After completing an extensive multi-tiered program of study, testing and evaluated voice teaching, Judith Dunlore has been certified as a Master Teacher and Course Instructor of Estill Voice International and can  bring to her singers the latest in vocal research and training methods.


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