Our Stars

Let Judith Dunlore help you add your name to the list of accomplishments of the singers from Studio Sing, Sing, Sing.

Some of these include:

Nadia Smelser (www.nadiasmelser.com) as a soloist at the prestigious Carmel Bach Festival.

Eva Maria Marold (www.evamariamarold.at) as Lucy in the European Premier production of "Jekyll & Hyde".

Jan Eisen (www.ajazzsinger.com) as guest artist at the Catalina Jazz Festival.  You can also hear her at Southern California jazz clubs and on her album” Turn Back Time”.

Other recording artists include Georgette Dashiel with “Daffodils in Winter” , Catherine Cressy with “The Ocean Around Your Heart”, and Beth Sweetwater with “Color My Voice”.

Singers from country band "Wildkat Strike", the rock and roll band "Field of Vision"  (www.fieldofvision.net), and the cover bands "The Edge" and "Cat and the Bytes" have worked with Judith Dunlore.

Singers from Studio Sing, Sing, Sing have appeared in solo and cast roles with such musical theater companies as the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera, Downey Civic Light Opera, Long Beach Civic Light Opera, and Huntington Beach Civic Light Opera

On the California Central Coast, Suzy (King) Newman was a long time favorite for her performances at the Great American Melodrama.  Mike Mesker played Toby and Michael Howard appeared in the title role of "Sweeny Todd" by Chameleon Productions. Heather Malcom appeared as Lucy in Chameleon’s production of “Jekyl & Hyde”.  Asher Metchik starred as Javert in “Les Misérables” at the Clark Center of Performing Arts, and Matt Kilpelainen starred in the title role of "Bye, Bye Birdie". Kyle Compton sang the title role of “Oliver” in  the PCPA’s production. Lauren Seidenburg was the charming title role of Cinderella of Kelrik Producitions, and Amneris in Elton John’s “Aida” at the Clark Center of Performing Arts. Jenna Butz went over the rainbow as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” and Kayla Forester was the leading lady in “The Drowsy Chaperon”

Studio Sing, Sing, Sing has trained professional soloists for Bel Air Presbyterian Church and the Church of the Lighted Window, and chorale members in fine choirs such as the Pacific Chorale, Los Angeles Chamber Singers, Cuesta Master Chorale, Cypress Masterworks Chorale, and Long Beach Master Chorale. Richelle Williams was the first Freshman ever to be chosen for California’s All State Honor Choir.

Christian Schmidt, Kyle Oaks, Ashley Taff, Nick Paulus, Rebecca McKinley and KC   Weidner are a part of the long list of singers who have qualified for the National High School Honor Choir, whose annual performance is in Carnegie Hall, New York. Another High School award was presented to Zac Elliot for the "Best Male Solo" of the Nipomo High School theater season.

Studio Sing, Sing, Sing is proud of graduating seniors being accepted at top performing arts schools. Jonathon Eidson and Taylor Murphy-Sinclair attended UCLA, Bryan Baldwin was accepted at four schools and chose Penn State, Stephanie Leatham had the choice of  UC Irvine and USC. At Pacific Conservatory of Performance Arts we’ve had Kurt Haaker, Taylor Murphy, Andrea Hilbrant, Elizabeth Premer. In Hollywood we have Nolan Pugh at AMDA. Scholarship winners are Cadence Mitchell from the Clark Center Foundation Performance Arts Scholarship, and K.C.Weidener who won a scholarship from Pacific Repertory Opera, Christian Schmidt who had to choose between several college offers and is at CSU Long Beach

The Lamplight Carolers is a professional caroling ensemble developed and directed by Judith Dunlore. This group has appeared all over the Southern California and in Las Vegas for private and corporate parties, restaurants, and malls. They achieved national exposure on TV's Christmas special of The Wonder Years. Other groups coached by Judith Dunlore have performed at Carlos & Charlie's in Hollywood, the Los Angeles Forum, Disneyland, Disney World, and on the film score of The Lady in White.

What students say about Judith Dunlore at Studio Sing, Sing, Sing

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